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  • A Beginner’s Guide to Coffee Regions

    Even for someone with an educated palate, it can be tricky to detect the differences between coffees from around the world. Smelling both the fresh beans and the brewed coffee is a great help in detecting the subtleties of coffee – and obviously, there’s no substitute for tasting it yourself.
  • Love Coffee? It's Another Reason to Care About Climate Change

    Most of the world's wild coffee species are under threat due to climate change and deforestation, including Arabica, whose domesticated cousin drips into most morning brews.
  • Carbon Credit Study - Shade Grown Organic Coffee Estate in Nepal

    The Carbon Credit Study attempted to develop an evidence-based history of the conversion of cultivated land to organic coffee agroforestry through ...
  • What You Need to Know About Organic Coffee!

    Organic coffee is produced and made with no utilisation of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The plantation's fertiliser needs to be 100% organic; that may be poultry manure, coffee pulp, bokashi, or even basic compost. In case fertilisers like synthetic nitrogen, phosphate or potash can be present, the coffee can't be hailed as organic.
  • Fifty Shades of Green? Why It's Important

    In the eternal quest for ‘better’ coffee, there are a plethora of labels applied to raw beans to get our attention. Fairtrade, Organic, Bird Friendly, Rainforest, AAA, Café Practices, the list goes on. One of the more recent tags applied is ‘Shade Grown’ but with little clarity in regards to certification and with so many causes célèbre to choose from, I thought it was high time to examine Shade-Grown coffee.

  • Nepalis Wake Up & Smell (Nepali) Coffee

    More people in Nepal are drinking coffee than ever before, and it is not just imported coffee; there’s now a booming domestic coffee industry. Janak Raj Gautam’s day begins, as it has for the last 55 years, with a steaming, freshly brewed cup of coffee. Unlike his contemporaries, who prefer a milky cup of tea, Gautam savours the dark brew, with its rich aroma and caffeine kick.

  • Namaste! Would you like a coffee?

    Happy Farmer Organics are a Nepalese based coffee farm operating an organically certified 100-hectare estate as well as a 2-hectare micro-lot coffee estate, where we currently have in production Arabica and Geisha varietals. 
  • Nepal Trip November 2015

    This trip to Nepal has been one of the most challenging but rewarding. Our main purpose was to get into Nepal and see firsthand the result of the devastating Nepal Earthquake which occurred in April 2015. To be honest this was the first time I was actually nervous travelling into Nepal, even more so than the first time I had arrived in Kathmandu.
  • The Happy Farmer Organics Coffee Story

    Coffee Happy Farmer Organics. A fine specialty coffee bean that is: Arabica, 100% organic USDA & EU certified, single origin and shade grown. ...