The Happy Farmer Organics Coffee Story

Coffee Happy Farmer Organics. A fine specialty coffee bean that is: Arabica, 100% organic USDA & EU certified, single origin and shade grown. The beans grow in the Kathmandu Valley region of Nepal at an altitude of approx 3500-4000 ft (1200-1300 metres), and combined with the ideal growing conditions and soils Nepal has to offer produces a superior specialty graded quality in taste and smoothness in the cup.

The SCA cupping score below indicates further the quality of the bean and is supported by comments including a vibrant, neutral, smooth, very sweet and clean flavour. Other customers have indicated the coffee’s magnificent consistency and singular structure bestow a smoothness with precious perfumes of cocoa and candied orange, which melt into exquisite and sustained notes of freshness.

We supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters as well as roasted beans to cafes, hotels and individuals Australia wide.