free shipping on retail coffee bean orders over $100
free shipping on retail coffee bean orders over $100

About Us

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd is an importer and wholesaler of speciality graded Arabica and Geisha organic coffee from Nepal. We also have a complimentary supply of organic and non organic beans from around the world. 

We supply green and roasted beans commercially to speciality roasters, organic wholesalers & cafes Australia wide. We have our distribution centre based in Launceston and Melbourne & our coffee estates in multiple locations in Nepal.

200g samples provided on request.


Specialty Coffee Done the Right Way

Most important to us at Happy Farmer Organics are our origins from a personal volunteering experience in Nepal. Wanting to contribute in an ongoing and sustainable way to farmers and communities, we established a trading relationship with coffee farmers in Nepal to import speciality graded Nepalese coffee while we established our own ethically run coffee microlot in this lush Himalayan, ideal coffee growing region. Please see our blog if you would like more information on our community contributions.  

We are a socially responsible entity that is driven by eco-friendly organic farming techniques and values supported by organic certifications from the USDA & EU and Australian Certified Organic.The quality of coffee is more than just the flavour and aroma for us. We strive to curb the negative impact on the earth and support communities involved in the production.

Our love for organic boutique coffee beans has led us to develop a tempting range of roasted coffee. For the finest organic coffee beans roasted to perfection, Coffee Done the Right Way – Happy Farmer Organics.