Quality organic coffee is important to us, why?

Coffee farming is where it all begins

We work directly with coffee farmers and assist them with the purchase of land and training on how to produce the very best specialty coffee. We pride ourselves on ethical and sustainable practices by fostering fair partnerships with coffee farmers and traceable suppliers.

Our coffee is roasted to perfection

Our Master Roaster meticulously with hand, eye, ear and mind tailors the coffee to a roast profile suited to that coffee beans unique characteristics & origin. With this experience and using only the highest grade of coffee available allows us to provide the customer with a superior specialty coffee product. 

Crop to cup sustainable focus

All of our coffees are specialty graded by the SCA. We carry USDA/EU certifications for our organic single origin range of coffees and roast these to perfection at our operations in Melbourne & Tasmania. We only supply the very best seasonal ethical coffee available.

Fresh Organic Coffee
About Us

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd is an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans. We supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters, organic wholesalers & cafes Australia wide. We have our distribution centre based in Melbourne & our coffee estates in multiple locations in Nepal.

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