Organic Process & Certification


Organic coffee is produced and made with no utilisation of artificial fertilisers or pesticides. The plantation's fertiliser needs to be 100% organic. If fertilisers like synthetic nitrogen, phosphate or potash are present, the coffee can't be hailed as organic.

To sustain environmental balance, Happy Farmer Organics only use organic fertilisers like coffee pulp, buffalo manure or compost to ensure cleaner beans, air, land and water. These mindful farming techniques also ensure a unique taste and aroma that matches the region’s growing characteristics.

Quality Himalaya specialty coffee is created by everything we do: careful hand picking, washing with Himalaya snow melt water and sun bed drying, and use of grain pro inner packaging to ensure moisture content remains at 8 to 12%.

We roast to order using advanced coffee roasting technology and package using the best compostable bags on the market. All of which results in our consistent, high quality product.

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