Coffee Tamp 58mm Huon Pine – Made by Miller  Happy Farmer Organics Happy Farmer Organics

Coffee Tamp 58mm Huon Pine – Made by Miller

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The Huon Pine tamper is made with expert craftsmanship by our exclusive coffee accessories turner and partner Made by Miller based in Hobart. Designed with the barista in mind this ergonomically made tamp is very comfortable for repetitive use and the Huon Pine smell is truly unique.

Each wood handle is crafted by Jonathan Miller in-house and is carefully cutout, sanded, oiled and buffed to a silky smooth finish, a process that takes several days.

Before any tamper leaves the factory it undergoes strict quality control to ensure it has been manufactured to their high standards.

Product Dimensions

  • Height: 79mm (including base)
  • Weight: 335 g with 58mm base
  • Packaging: 1 complete tamper per box
  • Diameter: 58 mm *

* The Coffee Tamper is only suited to coffee filter baskets which are no smaller than 58 mm in diameter. Ideally, this tamper needs to be the right size for your filter basket. If the tamper is too big, it won’t fit your filter basket; if it’s too small, it will only tamp some of the coffee and you’ll need to tamp several times.

Happy Farmer Organics recommends that you measure the diameter of your coffee filter basket to ensure that this is the correct size.