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We are a local coffee roastery based in beautiful Launceston Tasmania. The fresh, green and natural landscapes & environment here promotes and compliments our offering of freshly roasted coffee. Our coffees include single origins from our own microlot organically grown estate based in the Himalayas of Nepal. We also stock other organic and non-organic coffee from around the world.

At Happy Farmer Organics, we offer you carefully selected high quality Arabica & Geisha coffee beans to make your coffee experience a memorable one. We want our consumers to taste the difference. That’s why we roast our green beans by harmonising the original flavors in our single origins & blends. We supply coffee all across the Launceston area to individuals and businesses. To view our current Launceston Coffee offerings click here

We roast our beans with meticulous attention so that our customer gets the cup of coffee, which appeals to their individual taste. Our obligation is to completely satisfy our clients with the best selection of delicately grown and exceptionally tasting organic specialty coffee. Our approach to coffee production and supply is also eco-friendly and ethical.

From our Estate in Nepal we use environmentally friendly coffee farming methods to curb the carbon footprint on the environment. In this way we don’t just take care of the people who attend to the plants, but also play our part in sustaining the environment. We value our customers and their concerns. That’s why our coffee is made with respect for people and the environment.Promoting a greener environment is the core of everything we do. We don’t use any nasty chemicals or fertilisers.  To sustain environmental balance, we only use organic fertilisers like coffee pulp, buffalo manure or compost to ensure cleaner beans, air, land and water. Quality of the coffee requires mindful farming techniques ensuring a unique taste and aroma that matches the region’s growing characteristics. We supervise coffee production at every stage to make sure, you get a finer more distinctive taste. We use carefully handpicked Nepalese beans, washed in Himalayan snow melt natural water, so that you get 100% organic coffee.

Our specialty coffee is graded by the SCA Association and is Single Origin coffee direct from the farmer to you.

We have centred our roasting philosophy on specialty coffee growing and roasting techniques. All our coffees offer various smooth yet rounded tastes with distinctive, sophisticated aromas which are displayed in the cupping notes of each coffee we source. For the finest organic coffee beans (and some non-organic for those looking for this option we don’t judge) roasted to perfection, turn to Happy Farmer Organics.

Start your day with a sweet & bold invigorating aroma. Indulge yourself with a strong and full flavoured cup of organic coffee. Specialty Coffee Done the Right Way.

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About Us

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd is an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans. We supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters, organic wholesalers & cafes Australia wide. We have our distribution centre based in Melbourne & our coffee estates in multiple locations in Nepal.

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