27th April 2015

Nepal earthquake

Nepal Earthquake appeal

Hi Everyone,
I am writing this email to reach out to you in relation to the tragic events that have occurred in Nepal over the past couple of days, with the Earthquake and now aftershocks and avalanches that have affected so many of us.

On Saturday at approximately 4pm I received a call from my dear friend Ranjan Bhandari who is a local Nepalese man from Chitwan a district of Nepal, who was in Kathmandu at the time of the quake and lucky enough to survive it. He was shocked like most of us and totally terrified. He even slept in a car Saturday night in fear of after shocks. He has also seen first hand the loss of human life from the collapsed buildings.

Many have been affected and now have no home, shelter, food or water. This is particularly worrying considering many are sleeping outside and it is monsoon time with heavy rains likely.

For those of you that know Candice and I, we have been involved in and have strong ties emotionally to this beautiful country and its people, through volunteering in 2009 with Ranjan and his wife Swapna & family, and helping to fund projects to improve the lives of the Nepalese people in the village and city areas. We worked at an orphanage also in Kathmandu as well as working for a Nepalese magazine during our 6 month stay. Since then we have continued to help with development through the setup of joint venture between Ranjan and I, a coffee company called Happy Farmer Organics.

What I am asking for today is a donation of any amount, or even if you can spread the word about the need for assistance in Nepal that would be great. I believe I can make a difference personally through help from you. Even if we help a handful of people that is great in this time of need.

Ranjan is now putting together plans for ways in which we can help best and you can see where your donations are going to. He has already said there are many people without shelter, food and water on the trail from Kathmandu to Chitwan. As more info comes to hand I can send pictures and stories from Ranjan to everyone. Also using my own money I will be flying over to Nepal, if I can see I can definitely help, to start to support people directly utilising the funds and resources generated.

To give you a better idea of how much things cost in Nepal, i have detailed how we can make a difference: –

Immediate Needs
Water 1 litre bottle – 15-20 rupee or 20-25c Australian cents
Food 1 serve of Rice, Lentil, Vegetable, some meat – 100-150 rupee or $1.50 -$2.00 AUD
First Aid packs & Health care – $30 AUD
Sustainable more permanent Help

Water pump – Alot of Nepalese people’s water outside of Kathmandu is extracted via handheld water pumps attached to the ground, which would have been damaged due to the quake – price to fix approx $50 – $100 AUD

Shelter -Many people’s homes will need either repairing or completely re-built. Our first hand experience in building a house in Nepal lets us know exactly how much it costs from buying the materials at the local hardware store, to getting it to the land, to paying the builder and laborers to construct. I have listed the cost of some materials below to give you an idea, and the price with picture to completely rebuild a new house.

Water tank 1000 litre – 10,000 rupee or $125 AUD
Corrugated Iron roofing 30 piece – 22,500 rupee or $282 AUD
Wash basin 1 piece – 750 rupee or $9.50 AUD
Cement per bag – 650 rupee or $8.00 AUD
Metal piping for balustrades and roof construct 12 pieces – 13,200 rupee or $165 AUD

Total home construction approx $5,000 – $6,000 AUD


Example of the house we built

Nepal Coffee

Nepalese House

​​Please remember any donations large or small would be a GREAT help! Also if you cant donate, spreading the word about this relief effort would be much appreciated!

Links that give you a little more insight about what we are doing in Nepal: –
The first link is a site Candice and I setup when volunteering in Nepal. The second link is the organisation started by Ranjan and myself.
To Donate: –
Bank Account I have setup for this relief effort,  to deposit your donation into: –
Bank – ANZ
Account Name – Happy Farmer Savings
BSB – 013035
ACC – 190772879
Please include in Reference your Full Name. And please reply to this email so I can say thank you and provide developments as they occur 🙂
For people who wish to donate to other relief efforts via larger organisations please see below links: – These are great organisations!!!

Donating to larger relief efforts: –

Unicef Nepal Appeal- http://www.unicef.org.au
Please feel free to give me a call anytime if you need to discuss anything about Nepal, the people there or anything about this tragic event.
Mobile – +61419308843

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