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Namaste! Would you like a coffee?

Namaste! Would you like a coffee?

Namaste! Himalayan Specialty Coffee! Done the Right Way!


We are a Nepalese based coffee farm operating an organically certified 100-hectare estate as well as a 2-hectare micro-lot coffee estate, where we currently have in production Arabica and Geisha varietals. Our Himalayan grown green beans are shade grown at altitudes between 1300m – 1400m asl and are perfect for espresso, filter and milk based coffees. But coffee is not the only thing that excites us…

Himalayan Specialty Coffee!

As part of our sustainable and ethical running of the estate we have supported victims of the 2015 earthquake including providing emergency food, water and shelter after the catastrophe occurred, and through the rebuilding of houses in communities in and around our region. In addition, we support the hiring of female workers, support local schools through the purchase of computers and other equipment, as well as assisting some families with paid private schooling for their children in this less developed country. Simply put the coffee we produce allows us to help humanity and hopefully do our bit!


 as a single origin caturra arabica USDA & EU cert organic coffee bean. Our crops have been q-graded as specialty by the SCA with scores in the mid 80’s


Our current 2018 crop comes from our larger single estate, as a single origin caturra arabica USDA & EU cert organic coffee bean. Our crops have been q-graded as a speciality by the SCA with scores in the mid-80’s. We also have a geisha varietal currently in production/testing phase. We are always looking for coffee importers, roasters, cafes and others in the know to join our current client base across the U.S, Australia, South Korea, Japan, Germany, England and the Netherlands.

coffe roasted  Nepalese based coffee farm

By showcasing our unique boutique seasonal offering this will certainly give your establishment a competitive advantage in the coffee market as the Nepalese Himalayan region is quite new but unique in its sub-terrain climate, perfect for growing a floral and well bodied tasting coffee bean. We can provide samples at your request. As mentioned we are a sustainable and ethical provider of coffee and would love to partner with you through a wholesale green bean supply arrangement if possible

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