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Enjoy the taste of the best organic coffee beans in Melbourne today!


Yawning a silent scream for Coffee!!! -and at Happy Farmer Organics we are here to help. Our coffee is made using organic certified and ethical beans to not only give your senses a boost but also helps you play your part in the preservation of the environment & the community of farmers we support. 

At Happy Farmer Organics, our mission is to source the best green beans on offer and roast based on the beans origin and characteristics to capture the full flavour that is on offer as a single origin, and to compliment the blends which we experiment with on a daily basis. So it can be said with unmatched attention to detail and effort, we roast the coffee beans to perfection. Our approach to coffee production and supply is centred on ethics and of value, reliability and accessibility. We put our heart and soul to make sure the cup of coffee served is as good as it can be. We pride ourselves on supplying our clients 100% USDA & EU certified organic coffee. We are the most trusted suppliers of the best organic coffee in Melbourne. Every coffee lot that goes into the production of coffee is meticulously handpicked, sorted, washed or naturally processed and cupped before it is made available to you. We build our blends deliberately with experienced roast craft and use unique growing techniques for our single origin coffee farming in Nepal. We embark on supplying only the very best and finest outlets, our single origin coffee roasted for espresso or filter direct from the farmer.

Being eco-friendly coffee roasters and suppliers, we promise our customers organic and sustainable specialty coffee that is best for the people. We specialise in importing specialty graded Arabica Geisha coffee beans and strive to ensure an exotic coffee experience for each of the clients. We cheer our consumers with espresso blends, developed with an eye for consistency so that they enjoy a gentle and inviting cup of frothy goodness.

Our coffee specialists screen, test and cup every lot before it makes its way to your cup. They do so to make sure every cup is rich in flavor, thickness and consistency.  Best tools ensure the best quality. We roast our beans using the most technically advanced roasters, in order to offer you a spoon full of richness and value!  Using the right equipment, we make sure you get consistently excellent coffee.

We deliver delicately grown and exceptionally tasting organic specialty organic coffee beans in Melbourne. Our eco-friendly approach helps us play our part in supporting environmental sustainability. Promoting a greener environment is the core of everything we do. No synthetic fertilizers are used in the production of our coffee beans.  We only use organic fertilisers to ensure cleaner beans, air, land and water.

Promoting a cleaner environment is the heart of each of our combinations.  From cultivation, harvesting, to sorting and packaging, we accomplish every step with affection. We pride ourselves on being an exceptional supplier of 100% organic fully traceable and transparent beans.

We are one of the most trusted suppliers of the best Organic Coffee in Melbourne.  Our distribution centres are located in Melbourne and Launceston, with  our coffee estates at multiple locations in Nepal. We commercially supply our green beans to specialty coffee roasters, organic wholesalers and cafes all Australia wide.

We honour the connection we have with our customers. Moreover, we want them to have a specialty coffee experience every time. We roast the beans with dedication to make their coffee experience more tempting than the last one.

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About Us

Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd is an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans. We supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters, organic wholesalers & cafes Australia wide. We have our distribution centre based in Melbourne & our coffee estates in multiple locations in Nepal.

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