Nespresso Pods



40 Capsules
Freshly Roasted hand processed coffee capsules
from the finest specialty coffee locations
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Enjoy our freshly roasted coffee Nespresso pods for nespresso machine and save money.  Simply pop either ‘The African’, ‘The Brazilian’, ‘The Guatemalan’ or the ‘The Nepalese’ capsule into your Nespresso® coffee machine and enjoy fresh coffee right away. There is no need to refill or touch the coffee – no mess and no fuss.

These capsules are Nespresso® Compatible. The Nespresso pods are recyclable and roasted freshly in Australia.


  • Would you like to support local villages in Nepal and see the effect your purchase has on these local communities?
  • Would you like to support a local coffee equipment and coffee capsule production specialist?
  • Would you like a fresher and tastier coffee from your Nespresso® machine?
  • Would you like the opportunity to purchase delicious and full flavour coffee capsules?
  • Would you like organic coffee from your Nespresso® machine?

Our Nespresso® capsules are compatible with all Nespresso® machines including:

  • Pixi,
  • Lattissima,
  • Inissia,
  • Maestria,
  • Essenza,
  • Le Cube,
  • Maistria,
  • U and Citz.


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Happy Farmer Organics Pty Ltd is an importer of specialty graded Arabica coffee beans. We supply green beans commercially to specialty roasters, organic wholesalers & cafes Australia wide. We have our distribution centre based in Melbourne & our coffee estates in multiple locations in Nepal.

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