organic coffeeProudly 100% organic coffee certified USDA & EU. No nasty chemicals. Nepalese beans are hand picked, washed in Himalayan snow melt water or natural. Our Single Origin Arabica & Geisha coffee direct from the farmer to you is specialty coffee graded by the SCA association. See our coffee sales page for details.

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Specialty Coffee Done the Right Way

There is nothing better than a great cup of specialty coffee. Our approach to achieving this aim is focused around quality, consistent, sustainable and traceable practices. Our espresso offerings include organic coffee as well as non-organic options, that include single origin and blends. We don't claim to know it all when it comes to this very ancient little tree, however we have done our very best to source the finest, ethical and organic coffee beans. We also own and run a Nepalese microlot coffee estate where our beans come with a story too (see our blog) that we are happy to share with you. We are a socially responsible corporate entity that is driven by eco-friendly organic farming techniques and values, which is illustrated by our Nepalese region coffee bean offering which comes with organic certifications from the USDA & EU.

At Happy Farmer Organics, we carefully select high quality Arabica and Geisha organic coffee beans, from both our own estate as well as other estates we are aligned to from other regions of the world, to make sure every cup delivers another worldly coffee experience. We roast coffee locally by harmonising the original flavours in both our single origins and house blends, all to deliver an amazing cup of coffee. We understand it’s hard to imagine mornings without coffee. Our beans are carefully picked, sorted and roasted by hand with meticulous attention, so that our clients get the cup of coffee that appeals to their individual taste.

We embark on pleasing our clients with the best selection of delicately grown and exceptionally tasting organic specialty coffee across Australia and New Zealand. We are an eco-friendly company with an aim to add to the environmental and social sustainability. Preservation of the environment is the core of everything, we do.  We don’t use any harmful fertilisers or chemicals in the production. We only use organic fertilisers like coffee pulp, buffalo manure, or compost to ensure the smallest footprint possible around our estate to make for cleaner coffee plants, air, land and water, all resulting in a cleaner cup of coffee for the end consumer.

The quality of coffee is more than just the flavour and aroma for us. We strive to curb the negative impact on the earth and support communities involved in the production.

From farm to roast, we supervise every step to make you get nothing but freshly ground heaven. We use carefully handpicked Nepalese beans, washed in Himalayan snow melt water so that you get the finest Nepal specialty coffee that 100% organic coffee. Our coffee is done the right way! And we stand by this.

Rise and grind with organic specialty coffee. Our specialty coffee is graded by the SCA Association and is Single Origin coffee direct from the farmer to you.

What we do and what sets us apart?

  • We import coffee
  • We roast coffee locally in Melbourne Victoria & Launceston Tasmania
  • We sell both roasted and green coffee beans
  • We own and run a coffee estate in Nepal and are a sustainable and ethical provider of coffee and give profits back to the villages of Nepal
  • We sell a range of Expobar coffee machines
  • We sell retail packs of coffee and we also sell wholesale coffee to the larger buyers of roasted and green beans

We have centred our roasting philosophy on the need to keep up with the time. Our love for organic boutique coffee beans has led us to develop a tempting range of roasted coffee. For the finest organic coffee beans roasted to perfection, Coffee Done the Right Way - Happy Farmer Organics.

We focus on sustainability and pride ourselves on being 100% organic. Furthermore, we embark on supplying fully traceable and transparent beans to make sure you get the cup of coffee you deserve. With the support of local Nepalese people, we offer you fine quality Arabica coffee beans sorted and packed with affection.

Start your day with great specialty coffee. Organic coffee.

Happy Farmer Organics

Specialty Coffee Done the Right Way